Support at MIT is a network, including faculty and staff.

Faculty and Staff

As a professor or staff member, you may observe a student struggling with academic or personal problems. You may be approached by a student for guidance or advice. Do you have the information and perspective to point students in the right direction?

Learn more about the typical challenges faced by graduate and undergraduate students at MIT and learn where a student can find help. The sections below also offer insight into the schedule and stresses of student life at MIT, the challenges often faced by undergraduate and graduate students, and the resources for living and learning at MIT.


The Student Life & Learning website is your guide to the wide array of offices, programs, and resources for students at MIT.

Half of all undergraduates come to S3 at some point for guidance and assistance. Find out why.

Understand common concerns and know what resources are available to assist undergraduate students who need help.

Graduate students at MIT face their own particular challenges to success, from personal issues to academic work.

"When Support Gets Personal" is a semester-long training program with comprehensive information about MIT support resources.